5 Things You Should Know to Hire Android App Developer

5 Things You Should Know to Hire Android App Developer

More and more people nowadays are carrying and using mobile devices nowadays, and with network technology advancing at a rapid pace, we have now got mobile devices with the capability to leverage the miracle that is the internet at its best. As phones and tablets can now use high speed internet on the go, these mobile devices have become the primary source for surfing the web for a lot of people. Statistics suggest that almost two thirds of internet searches are initiated via these mobile devices now, compared to laptops and desktops.

At the center of this phenomenon, resides mobile phone operating systems like the Android OS and the iOS. With over two billion devices using Android, it is the biggest and most widely used mobile platform globally currently.

As is common with these smart mobile devices, a major part of their user’s time and network data is spent on mobile apps. These apps, or applications may belong to any category, such as entertainment app, or a system utility app etcetera, and have made life easier for everyone. Now, considering that there are almost two billion users for the Android platform, which means that an app developed for this platform will be able to reach a lot of people, making it an easy market ploy to bring your product into the limelight.

Many new startups were started whose entire business model relied on their apps. Ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft, or food delivery services like FoodPanda are examples of this scenario, because they knew how important it was to target their correct demographic and how important an app like this would be to market their product and extend its reach. Many old established businesses have now been forced to adapt and change by having apps developed for customer outreach, or just better strategizing, as many new competitors are joining the market with apps already developed and at the forefront of their business plans.

As more and more businesses see the demand and the requirement for a mobile app, android app developers are in high demand these days. And as apps can be developed for anything, many newcomers are finding it easy to enter the market as there are a number of small and easier projects available on the market for them to practice their skills.

Now let’s see the five things we need to know before hiring a developer for our project.


Why do you require the android app?

Why Do You Require The Android App
Require The Android App

The first thing, and in our opinion the most important thing to consider is to figure out why you need the app in the first place. Do you need it to reach a larger customer base, or you need it boost your brand awareness? Or is there any other reason you want your app developed?

Before hiring any one to develop your app, figuring out this question will give you a better idea about the kind of developer to hire or what features your app might require. Even the most experienced developer out there might not be able to develop the app your business needs, if you yourself do not know what you require from the app.


How much are you willing to spend?

How Much Are You Willing To Spend
How much are you willing to spend?

Deciding how much you can realistically spend on the app is an initial requirement. Not only will this help you the best android developer within your budget easily, but it will also help you finalize the essential requirements for your app before development starts. That way you will be able to get the best value for your money, which is what we are after.

A lot of freelancers or students will generally develop an app for a cheaper price, but you need to be aware that also might result in a shoddy app due to lower quality standards or no adherence to best practices of the market. That is why it is always recommended to hire a reputed firm for your app development requirements, as they usually have processes in place which will help you get a better quality product out to the market.


How long till the app is done?

How Long Till The App Is Done
How long till the app is done?

As we all know, quality takes time. Therefore, developing a quality app takes time as well. Rushing your android developer will often result in shoddy work, which will have a lot of bugs as there would have been no time to thoroughly test the app. And finding and fixing those bugs after releasing the app is not only harder and more expensive, it also has the side effect of turning away customers who are not happy with the buggy product. Not only that, the reviews left on Google Play Store will always be there for other customers to see, and the low rating might in turn result in low downloads numbers.

Get regular updates about the app and its development, but do not rush perfection. Take your time to develop and properly test the app for bugs before releasing it on the Google Play Store.


How experienced is your developer?

How Experienced Is Your Developer
How experienced is your developer?

Developing a quality app requires a lot of effort and ingenuity. Therefore, the more experienced the developer, the better the chances that your app will turn out good as well. Therefore, before hiring any individual developer or even a mobile app development company, it is necessary to have a look at their portfolio to figure out the kind of products they have worked on previously. You should look for a developer who has already developed a similar projects before, as this means that they will be able to tackle any issues easily as they are familiar with the scenario, especially if they provide maintenance for such previous projects as well.

Not only that, looking at the portfolio will also help you negotiate the cost and budget of the project, and in case you are not satisfied with the developer’s previous work, you can take your business elsewhere as well.


UX/UI centric development is a must.

UX UI Centric Development Is A Must
UX/UI centric development is a must.

Writing the code is just one facet of app development. In today’s market, where people literally have a lot of similar choices from which to choose, how can we make sure that they choose ours? We need to have intuitive user interface which is not only easy to use, but also attractive enough to boost overall user experience.

Just having a feature rich app won’t be enough, and therefore we need a developer who understands this concept and start to work by creating the UI first and then working on from there. The developer needs to be involved directly with you the entire process, as communication is key to provide the insights necessary for them to create the best UI/UX possible.

So, keep the app simple with no confusing and unrelated features, so that it is easy for users to adopt and use your product.

To conclude, getting an android app developed for your business is no hard work, but having “an app” and having “the ideal app” are two different things. You need the ideal app, as that is the one which will fulfill the needs of your business as is required. No matter the reason you need to develop an app, just following these five essentials will help you get the app you actually require.

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