5 Top Technology Predictions That Can Dominate 2023 And Above


5 Top Technology Predictions That Can Dominate 2023 And Above

Today, enterprises recognize the strategic importance of advanced technologies as a primary factor of business components like never before. Apart from cost reduction and business modernization, the latest technologies allow to pay off for the shortage of labor, enhance brand value and capability and quicken innovational and research procedure.

However, many businesses need to fully comprehend cutting-edge technologies’ benefits and real-world uses to join the trend. According to the World Economic Forum, only 23% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can invest in and expand using new digital tools. This research demonstrates why it is vital for organizations to thoroughly examine cutting-edge technologies before implementing digital tools.

Here’s the Sky Potential, the most powerful artificial intelligence consulting company and cross-platform development agency in the USA, will provide a quick review of five cutting-edge technologies that will support you in navigating the new business and economic landscape.

Businesses are passionately chasing these technologies as they become more accessible and affordable to automate customer service, improve processes, differentiate their goods and services, and expand into new markets. Our team at Sky Potential, the best tech solutions company and Professional Digital Agency, works with you to create a roadmap for adopting new technology based on your budget, implementation schedule, goals, and particular business needs.

1. Simplifying Workflows with Cloud


The highly underutilized business technique of workflow management has a direct impact on productivity. Managing several stakeholders, sensitive information, and a list of predetermined and conditional duties manually can result in several mistakes, including staff members skipping crucial stages, policy breaches, challenges with compliance, and financial losses. AI App Development for cloud-based workflow management boost your productivity by moving your workflows virtual.

Scalable, centralized, adaptable to your needs, simple to integrate, safe, dependable, and hassle-free are all characteristics of cloud-powered workflows or workflow management solutions. They offer a seamless and unified collaborative environment by prohibiting users from switching between various messaging apps or communication channels. Giving the responsibility for software maintenance to a third-party software vendor can lessen your reliance on the internal IT team.

Using workflows powered by the cloud or tools for managing workflows allows you to easily access through any authorized network (with approved access credentials), 24/7 from anywhere with any device. This has completely changed the game for many businesses that shifted to remote operations during the pandemic.

However, it takes time to locate a cloud workflow management product to adjust to your business’s needs. The platform should interact seamlessly with your organization’s operations without interfering with your workflow. Here is where Sky Potential, the powerful Tech Solutions Company and Cross Platform Development Agency digital workplace tools, can shine.

With the help of our digital workplace application services, you may significantly increase corporate productivity through immediate, efficient, and simple collaboration. We can allow you to accomplish a vast operational breakthrough in process optimization because of the variety of outstanding business management capabilities like data-powered dashboards, private mobile apps, dedicated servers, productivity tools, collaboration apps, virtual desktops, etc.

2. Low-Code Applications


According to Gartner, usage of no-code or low-code technologies will be 70% of commercial applications by 2025. Rapidly introducing specialized software solutions to the market is necessary for digital company transformation. Due to this desire, low-code applications have emerged that will dismantle the technological and institutional barriers between automation, integration, application development, and governance. By dragging and dropping low-code components through a graphical user interface, low-code development enables business users to realize new ideas.

Simply speaking, low-code development makes it easier for “citizen” developers or non-technical users (such as business analysts or marketers) to create dashboards and contact or survey forms quickly. On the other hand, professional developers can use low-code methods to do more effective jobs more quickly and actively, such as back-end integrations or the modernization of legacy applications.

Some of the use cases for low-code applications, such as applications for:

  • Customer involvement and portals.
  • Payment managers and ERP software.
  • Data analysis like data management software and BI software.
  • Mobile apps for customer engagement.
  • Inventory order fulfillment, Supply chain management and accounting.

Today’s top low-code programs include Zoho Creator, Microsoft Power Apps, and Salesforce Lightning. Users of SAP can take advantage of the integrated low code/no code (LCNC) solutions on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to make and extend applications quickly and automate procedures and tasks.

3. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation

RPA, often known as software robotics, is an accessible software technology that enables anyone to automate digital tasks within business processes. RPA users can build software robots or “tots” to learn, mimic, and carry out rule-based business processes. By 2025, Forrester Research projects that the income from RPA software will be $6.5 billion, and that of RPA-related services might be $16 billion.

Possible RPA Use Cases

Currently, numerous Tech Solutions Companies provide free concepts to help you understand how RPA can enhance your company’s operational effectiveness and customer experience.

Some of the most popular use cases are automating discharge protocols and data management to boost HR productivity in the healthcare industry. You can automate daily retail tasks, including order processing, inventory control, and warehouse management, for additional time and resource savings. RPA-enabled chatbots that provide real-time customer support can lessen wait times for customers.

Moreover, RPA also offers you error-free automatic billing and invoices to handle your financial report and system updates. Even the human resources department can automate the maintenance of personal records and data, streamline onboarding, and flawlessly administer payrolls.

Sky Potential is the leading Professional Digital Agency and Tech Solutions Company offering Robotic Process Automatic services. We offer cutting-edge RPA services and solutions to handle challenging business tasks.

4. Document Data Extraction

document data extraction

The main challenge to automating back-office processes are the extraction of high-quality data from unstructured or imperfectly organized data sources and documents for additional processing, transfer, and storage. You can automate your payments and make your system records if you input structured invoices into a robust ERP platform like SAP. Many firms extract necessary information fields, such as the payment field in an invoice, due to the high costs of data extraction. Other crucial areas, such as those used to confirm an invoice’s VAT compliance, must be manually extracted by businesses.

AI based OCR Software To Extract Document

Digital photographs (shots) of big files, scanned papers, and captions or sub-titles covered on an image can all automatically extract data thanks to optical character recognition (OCR), a low-cost, game-changing technology. Automatically converting typed, handwritten, or printed information into machine-readable text decreases the amount of time needed for manual data entry and extraction. Automated document data extraction software, like Docsumo, DocuSign, Kofax Capture, and Amazon Textract, uses OCR technology to slow down the confusion in the extraction of document data and help businesses run more smoothly.

5. Al Assistants

Al Assistants

Utilizing virtual assistants powered by Al is one of the most prevalent examples of automation in small businesses today. They can increase efficiency by automating client contacts, including technical assistance, lead qualification, appointment scheduling, and order management. Any virtual assistant, including Google Assistant and Alexa, can recognize your voice instructions, carry them out, and tailor their responses to them. Al assistants can continue a human-like conversation by comprehending client intent through natural language processing and recognition.

An increasingly common type of virtual assistant is the chatbot, created expressly for text-based channels, including SMS, email, and live chat. Several business sectors, product and service lines, websites, mobile apps, customer portals, etc., have increased their use of chatbots in recent years.

Ways to Use AI Responsibly

Multiple ways AI you can use AI responsibly: Here are some,

  • Ensuring transparency: AI systems’ decision-making processes must be clear and understandable so that users can comprehend how the AI arrives at its judgments.
  • Fairness: AI systems should be created and taught in a way that prevents biases and makes sure to treat every user equally.
  • Privacy: AI systems should only acquire and use personal data transparently. Create a morally acceptable manner with privacy in mind.
  • Promoting inclusion/Diversity: AI systems need to be created and used to encourage diversity and inclusion and consider the requirements and viewpoints of a variety of users.
  • Confirm Security: Built Protection against cyberattacks and other security concerns should be in AI system design and implementation.

By adhering to these standards, you can use AI ethically and responsibly to advance society and enhance people’s lives.


These are the five top predictions of technology that can dominate 2023 and above in businesses.

Sky Potential, a top cross platform development agency and artificial intelligence consulting company is your go-to tech solution partner to support your business plan and achieve your strategic objectives. Visit our site to explore our top-notch blockchain consulting, machine learning services, and more.

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