9 Real-Life Case Studies That Show How Augmented Reality Apps Are Changing The Way People Get Medical Care

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9 Real-Life Case Studies That Show How Augmented Reality Apps Are Changing The Way People Get Medical Care

You firm can use augmented reality (AR) for more than just games. The healthcare business is shaking up like never before by technology.

Augmented reality, with its sci-fi sidetracks and goofy-looking headgear, is ready to change the way people experience medical care. We might see more big changes in the next generation, as well as trips that go deeper into AR.

As a health care business, you would want to know everything there is to know about how technology is changing. We will keep you safe.

In this blog from Sky Potentials US, the top augmented reality android development and IT Services Provider in California will talk about the most important ways that AR is used in healthcare. Let’s get started!

Important Things To Know About How Augmented Reality Is Changing


  • According to Gartner, the 5G mobile network technology makes it possible to speed up the spread of virtual reality.
  • As per Gartner request, 5G business users fill out a survey. The research shows that, across all use cases and respondents, AR/VR applications of 5G are the ones that people are most enthusiastic about and that bring in the most extra money.
  • Forrester thinks that by 2021, most people can go for AR, while VR will stay a niche technology.
  • Zion business Researchreflects that by 2022, the global AR/VR business in healthcare will bring in $5,115,000,000. By 2025. The forecast will have a CAGR of about 29.2% between 2019 and 2025.
  • Another important insight that expertssaid would happen is that the AR market would grow to be worth 18 billion USD by 2023.

How Health Care Can Go for AR (Practical Uses)?

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There are more ways to use AR in medicine than just glasses. Doctors now uses AR doctors to help them do their jobs better.  Let’s look at some interesting real-world cases of how augmented reality apps are making the medical experience better for people.

1. Augmented Reality Screens That Help Save Lives On Defibrillators

Imagine that a family member suddenly passed out right next to you. Do you have a plan? Yes, you would want to talk to someone after you got your feelings under control. You might think about calling an ambulance, a doctor, or your friends for support.

An interesting choice . You can add the AED4EU app and the Layar reality website to your phone along with the usual emergency numbers. You could provide more support if you were in their situation.

Lucien Engelen introduce the automatic external defibrillator locator, or AED4EU, while he was working at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Center. The fact that doctors can utilize the new tool to browse the database is fantastic.

You can also view the precise location of the closest AEDs on your phone’s screen using the Layar browser. Once you get the location, it would only take a little while to support people in need.

 Doctors Who Use AR Can Work Together Virtually

What happens when the main surgeon is far away? AR could save your life. If the main surgeon isn’t there but a specialist with AR tools is there, the specialist can help and do what the main surgeon says.

With augmented reality video conference, doctors can talk about any medical topic and even do surgery together. If experts from far away come to help, it could be a moment that saves a life.

2. Google Glass Can Support New Moms Explore about Breastfeeding

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Women who need help can get it through Google Glass. Small World, a tech company based in Melbourne, worked with the Australian Breastfeeding Association to test Google Glass. During the trial, phone advisers were able to watch mothers as they fed their babies at home.

With this information, struggling moms could get help from professionals all day long. The mothers being able to hold their kids is the best part.

3.  Using Augmented Reality In Surgery

During surgery, a lot of people lost their lives. AR can make surgeries much safer than they used to be. AR can help doctors and nurses save patients’ lives by giving them all the information they need.

As they work, doctors can be more aware of the organs, vein meshes, and diagnosis reports that are right in front of them.

Here is an example of an augmented reality (AR) virtual screen that Brazilian doctors use to help them with spine surgery.

There’s no question that technology could make things safer. Also, it will make complex surgical treatments a lot easier.

4.  Augmented Reality Makes It Easier For Patients To Explain What’s Wrong

Detailing the symptoms is necessary to make a diagnosis. You may have saw that people have a hard time putting their troubles into words. In these situations, a wrong judgment could occur.

Look at how augmented reality is used in ophthalmology to see how it can help educate patients. The medical software EyeDecide uses the camera display to model how different situations would affect a person’s vision. With apps like EyeDecide, doctors can now see a picture of how a patient’s vision would be if they had a certain illness.

So, people with diseases like cataracts or AMD can understand their symptoms and real medical conditions. When people know how their living choices will affect their health in the long run, they are more likely to make healthy changes.

5.  Nurses Can Easily Find Veins With The Help Of AR

A new company called AccuVein uses AR to help nurses and patients. How? Most of the time, the first IV (intravenous needle) stick doesn’t hit the vein. The most vulnerable groups are children and the elder ones.

AccuVein now use augmented reality by using a handheld scanner that projects images onto the skin and displays nurses and medical professionals where veins are located in a patient’s body. Vinny Luciano, who works in marketing for AccuVein, says that more than 10 million people have used technology. The AR app makes it 3.5 times more likely that a vein will be found on the first stick.

6.  Information About Drugs From New Pharma Companies

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Think about reading some boring and hard-to-understand details of drugs. It doesn’t sound like it would be very exciting, does it? Still, it would have been interesting to know how a medicine affects the body. How can you have fun while you’re learning about pills? Augmented reality is your answer.

Patients can view how the drug performs in 3D now to know the process. How? AR can help patients learn more about how their medicines work. AR technology would also let lab workers watch their tests.

7.  Hololens Can Support You Study About The Human Body

Isn’t it nice to be able to see and learn about the human body so easily? That’s now a fact! Cleveland Clinic and Case Western Reserve University at work with Microsoft, create a game for the HoloLens. HoloAnatomy is the name of the program that helps people see the human body in a clear and interesting way.

With the Microsoft HoloLens Headset, app users can see everything, right down to the smallest veins and muscles, on a moving hologram model. With these apps, students can see the human body in 3D. This could soon change the way medical education is taught.

8.  Helping Kids Study Related The Body Working Process

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Curiscope, a company in the UK, introduce the Virtuali-tee T-shirt. Immersive learning settings are a big part of what this business is known for. What are your thoughts on T-shirts? Why do kids like it so much?

The truth is that you can use holograms to see inside of a person’s body in a way that looks real. Children can learn about the human body in a fun and interesting way with Virtuali-tee’s realistic images of the body’s parts.

As you can view, there are at present several ways AR is using in healthcare. Augmented reality will continue to help healthcare facilities and improve care for patients. You should look into new ways of doing business and how augmented reality (AR) could help you improve your systems.

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It’s Time To Plan Your Trip With Augmented Reality

As a businessperson who thinks ahead, you need to take a few important steps to set up or add AR to your systems and processes.

You and your team can come up with ideas for a smooth shift if you think about how and where you could use AR with the technology you already have. You can also train and retrain your staff well while making the tools you want to use easier to use.

A word of warning: if you use AR, you’ll also need to think about how to keep patient data safe. For wearables, you would need a well-thought-out protection plan because there could be privacy issues with the data.

Sky Potentials US Lets You Make An Augmented Reality Experience That Means Something

Contact us if you want to an interesting augmented reality app development that will make patients’ medical experiences better.

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