Artificial Intelligence Jobs In Demand In 2020 And Beyond

Artificial Intelligence Jobs In Demand In 2020 And Beyond

As we progress into a more and more technologically advanced world, we see new technologies emerging every day. These technologies have the power to disrupt the way we do everything. One of these is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ever since AI came into the market, there has been a continuous debate about its merits and its ability to take over our jobs. In this regard, movies have a big hand in preparing our perceptions about Artificial Intelligence. We can just imagine robots that look like us, talk like us, and walk like us, walking around doing our jobs better than we could have done.

And there is some truth to all of this. According to the McKinsey Global Institute, we could lose more than 70 million U.S. jobs to automation by 2030. Now think about what will happen as this technology advances and moves to other countries around the world.

These may be genuine concerns, but there are other factors involved that we don’t look at when we present this bleak picture of the future to others. We ignore the fact that automation is a good thing. The chances of human errors become negligible, hence enhancing the productivity and the efficiency of the system. Also, with most of our work automated, we won’t have to do all the dangerous jobs out there. We can stay safe and protected while a machine does it for us. We can spend our time doing creative and innovative things that we don’t have time for right now.

But the stress and worry of losing your job remain the same and it is hard to bring people out of it. That’s why we have compiled a list of Artificial Intelligence jobs that you can go for to save your future. A lot of AI Consulting services have already started these positions and the demand is quite high right now.


Machine Learning Engineer



If you are interested in an Artificial Intelligence related job, then you will definitely know what machine learning refers to. It is a technology that AI heavily relies on. Using this language, you create algorithms and software platforms that will allow the Artificial Intelligence system to do its job. You will give the AI system its first knowledge base and program it so that it can learn on its own after that.

That is what Machine Learning Engineers do. And they are handsomely paid for it. If we talk about Artificial Intelligence jobs salary, ML Engineers make somewhere close to $114,000 at an average. It could be more than that too. Just go and ask any IT services company and they will tell you. It all depends on your background, your expertise, skills, and your ability to learn new things and implement them. If you are fluent in ML and other languages and know about data science, then you are definitely the guy everyone will be trying to work with.

You will get to work with predictive models as well as huge amounts of data. That is not all. You will also be working with Natural Language Processing and more.


Data Scientist / Engineer


Another career that is quickly blowing up and becoming more and more in demand is that of a Data Scientist or Data Engineer. We all know that this is the age of data. Data is the real currency. No matter what software you have to develop, what app you are about to make, or what algorithm you are going to create, data is at the centre of it all. Taking this into consideration, anyone who can work with big data, manipulate it, and use it is of vital importance to every AI Solutions Inc. or any company that is thinking about working with Artificial Intelligence. We know that Data Science is a broad field, but it is closely connected with Artificial Intelligence. If you do become a Data Scientists, you can expect to earn around £113,000 per year or more. The one thing that you need to become a data scientist or a data engineer is expertise. And we are not talking about just regular expertise. We are talking about a Master’s degree or a Doctoral Degree in Computer Science with a  major in Data Science.

Once you are done, you get to play with cool tools like Hive, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pig, and Spark. These are all big data tools that allow you to manage and tweak data. Also, programming is a big part of the job so be sure that you pick up enough knowledge about Python, SQL, and a couple of others on your way.


Natural Language Processing


Another field that is currently seeing a lot of demand and it will only be growing in the future is Natural language processing. We all know that the internet is changing. Now you have virtual assistants that take a doctor’s appointment for you and follow every instruction that you give them. Artificial Intelligence has bridged the gap between a computer’s language and human language. This has been done through NLP. NLP involves the machines learning the way we speak and responding in kind. If you have expertise in this field, you can expect to make anything around $107,000.



Yes, AI will automate a lot of jobs in the world, but it is also introducing new and improved jobs too. These are the three most demanded jobs in the market currently and their demand is only going to grow. If you can land yourself in this field and become an expert, you can enjoy a lot of luxuries, money, job security, and more.

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