Bitcoin boost Its value Extraordinary with $68,000


Bitcoin boost Its value Extraordinary with $68,000

You have heard the rumors circulating all over the world regarding a bitcoin value upsurge. And for your information, it is not a rumor but actual news.

Bitcoin, a major part of blockchain solutions, has returned with more worth than anyone imagined—good news for investors and traders.

On March 15th, bitcoin’s value crossed 68,000 dollars, the highest price since its invention, which was 15 years ago. The news started spreading less than two years after a giant digital industry crypt crashed, leading to the loss of billions of dollars. Even two big names in the industry were convicted of crimes called “Sam Bankman-Fried” and “Changpeng Zhao .”

In November 2022, after Bankman-Fried’s FTX fell, bitcoin’s worth fell below 1700 dollars.

With this drop, most market analysts aren’t shocked, as they believe that Bitcoin is a highly volatile market that fluctuates more often in the past. However, many market analysts disagree regarding what this price rise could be a sign for the future. At the same time, crypto lovers believe that the increase in Bitcoin indicates its strength and newborn total growth.

Doubters argue that there is no solid proof of Bitcoin’s rise, and its achievement is due to broader global events instead of any essential factors particular to Bitcoin itself.

And on the spot, bitcoin values drop to 61000 on Tuesday since its high record.

So here are the fundamental aspects of the volatile Bitcoin market


Similar to alternative risky assets, Bitcoin performs the same.

Making Bitcoin aims to deliver an alternative option to the traditional financial market. So that investors or traders can trade money without any extractive third party or intermediaries.

However, looking at the previous Bitcoin record, we can see that they built their worth according to the more prominent macroeconomic trends.

You can compare the movement of Bitcoin with that of a speculative asset, an investment with very high risks. A speculative asset is an investment with high interest and the potential to rise at a very high margin instead of its practical use or value.

During the pandemic, the slowdown in the interest rate allowed investors to trade (buy/sell) money more conveniently. In this situation, Bitcoin bellowed.

But then, due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the central bank’s struggles with inflation reduction, interest rates climbed high at a very fast pace in 40 years, which led to Bitcoin once again slowing down.

Interest rates were still at their peak at the beginning of 2024. Therefore, the economic institution, the Federal Reserve, made a decision and claimed that it would take certain actions to slow down interest rates. This year, it implemented a cut in interest rates.

After that, there is an inevitable decline in inflation. In turn, the US economy has performed well. There is a vacancy opening of 333,000 jobs in 2024, and Wages will also increase.

Such aspects will make it more probable that traders or investors will willingly put money into these risky financial assets.

At OANDA, a senior market analyst named “Craig Erlam,” says.

“All of these things create an environment in which more speculative assets with a less certain future can start to perform well again.”

Bitcoins win vital regulations


Bitcoin has further taken advantage of legality against one of its big rivals: the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Regarding the crypt, the government has been highly unconvinced since its arrival. The government has opened many cases that rule against crypto. The government claims that crypto firms are active illegally. Fortunately, last year, the judge favored crypto and sided with the crypt business, which happened in July 2023.

After a month, the court removed an appeal from the federal court in Washington against the SEC’s ruling. Federal aims to stop firms that are putting great effort into making a bitcoin ETF or exchange-traded fund. An ETF is basically a financial instrument where conventional institutional investors or traders gamble or bet on the price of bitcoin. They do this on the Nasdaq or similar famous trading platforms. Here, they don’t purchase any bitcoins themselves.

Thus, after the ruling, the SEC reversed course with no option. On January 29, a new market opened called Bitcoin ETF. Investors burst into this, and about 4 billion dollars in trading occurred at its very initial time.

Some crypto businesses have expressed some words to the market regarding the government’s aversion to crypto. Like a managing director from Dragonfly, a venture capital business, says: “We had this notion that the government was more or less going to destroy the industry: To push it underneath the surface,”

And further said: “And it didn’t work.”

Crypto enthusiasts get a moral achievement with Bitcoin ETF and deliver financial leading light in the folding. The largest asset manager or investment firm, BlackRock, does very well in the EFT. This adds value to volatile assets. As per Qureshi, traditional institutions like BlackRock have mostly pushed the recent crypto and boosted it. While the prior Bull Run occurred in 2021, minor regular investors ran at that time.

Such a gap supports clarifying that general mainstream interest in bitcoin is less than it was three years back.

Qureshi also claims:

“Coinbase rising and meme coins pumping increasing on the app store indicate bull markets that are retail investors’ forces. These are beginning to enter and spread the image regarding how the process of crypt trading works.”

However, the crypt skeptics’ fears regarding the price are high, and most big institutions are making that happen.

A “financial reform advocacy group Better Markets” co-founder named “Dennis Kelleher” claims:

“Traditional yet reliable businesses such as Fidelity and BlackRock offer deceitful ease and the illusion of legitimacy.

Further, she said:

“Most financial businesses have been active in big marketing and advertising campaigns. This is merely a starting point. It will allow a pond of regular investors to enter.”

However, bitcoin still is not utilized as a currency


Bitcoin’s substantial value does make sense to imagine it is the most potent digital value that can be helpful in everyday transactions, or you can use it for payments since its 2022 crash.

Research from Chainalysis, a crypto analytic business, found that, in the end of 2023, the usage of crypt by regular investors has slowed down compared to its peak level in 2021.

Although most high-risk speculators use DeFi, it is still rather than a highly ordinary, regular financial service.

Also, the first nation in 2021 to accept Bitcoin as a legal tender is EI Salvador.

As per the research, it came to knowledge that 88% of citizens from Salvadorans didn’t utilize it in 2023.

And that the IMP suggests to the nation that removing Bitcoin status is a legal render.

Craig Erlam claims that he didn’t feel any changes occurred from the moment Bitcoin surged when talking about real-life uses. He says that people have a strong belief in what Bitcoin can be in the near future as opposed to what it can perform currently.

Qureshi argues that such thoughts are buying the main points. In return, he claims that Bitcoin as a worldwide payment system has never been considered or disappeared. He further claims that those investors with ETF in their hold assume that this cash is like gold and think that is the correct way to trade it or purchase and occupy it.

Qureshi and Erlam also disagree on the influence that AI increase can have on Bitcoin.

Erlams thinks that AI will get much of the attention of Bitcoin, which it now has. “AI stock could rise (20 to 50 to 100 dollars) in a short time. These speculative financial instruments occupy the power to give significant returns and real-life cases.

He also claims that an increase in AI use cases will be a severe test for Bitcoin.

But Quresh has a different opinion. In return, he claims, “It’s like saying, ‘If this car is fast and that car is fast, then the first car isn’t fast anymore,'” and adds, “and that is not the way the financial market performs.”

The analyst thinks that this record is merely the commencement of another cycle.

Both Dennis Keller, a strong cynic, and Qureshi, a crypt industry expert, believe that Bitcoin’s value will rise at a constant level in the upcoming years.

Although bitcoin has reached the position of “halving,” a mechanism put into bitcoin, this can make the coins rare (or scarce) and highly susceptible.

This bitcoin halving occurs roughly every four years; the next one is set for April this year. The previous three halvings have made the bitcoin price very high with a bigger margin, leading investors to assume that the exact price will occur again.

Since bitcoin is a speculative asset (it relies highly on people’s expectations), there is a chance that people will have positive emotions towards it, and this can increase in the future. If people’s perception of Bitcoin halving is that it will increase, then they will purchase more often. This makes the price high, creating a cycle where belief becomes a reality.

Qureshi expressed that we are in the early stages and that there is a pool of cash ready to be invested in by regular and institutional investors.

But Kelleher fears that people’s beliefs affect what occurs next and that regulations will decrease. The same thing happened when crypto rose in the past, then slowed down in the coming years.

Kelleher recognizes and pinpoints that the last crypto crash had no effect on other parts of the financial industry. The reason is that most regulators overlook the crypto industry.

He claims that in the near future, we will see growth in interconnection with the financial system’s core. He further raises the question of how extensive this will be. Will the crypt market soon put the financial market down the way the 2009 derivative market did?

I hope you find this blog highly interesting and knowledgeable.

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