Is Becoming a Blockchain Consultant the Right Career Path for You?

Is Becoming a Blockchain Consultant the Right Career Path for You

Is Becoming a Blockchain Consultant the Right Career Path for You?

The market for blockchain jobs is growing rapidly. The demand is very high these last few years.

Most businesses are now investing in the implementation of blockchain tech as they understand its value and how it can improve business operations and client service.

Therefore, blockchain consultants are now in demand in the global tech market, guiding enterprises regarding the implementation and uses of blockchain.

As blockchain is new to many, and although we listen to the word most often, still we do not fully understand how it works and its tremendous benefits.

On the other hand, those who are aware of blockchain and how it works find it difficult to explain it to a newbie.

So, here comes the blockchain consultant to guide you through that.

This blog is all about the blockchain consultant career journey.


What is a blockchain Consultant?


A blockchain consultant is a guiding person or a “blockchain solution provider” for an organization that implements and uses blockchain tech. A blockchain consultant gives strategic advice regarding blockchain adoption and helps businesses build growth strategies for blockchain projects. Blockchain Consultants decentralize, automate, and simplify the business trade process to save operational expenses with cryptocurrencies, tokens, and distributed ledgers with no middlemen.

Blockchain Consultants also gives customized solutions, which can be (for instance) making smart contracts for SCM or giving DeFi platforms for financial transactions for organizations. All solutions address the challenges per the client’s project needs and goals.

Blockchain Consultants conduct feasibility studies, which are assessments to determine the usefulness of a proposed project or solution and the effect the business could have on the blockchain implementation.

Some blockchain consultants even have technical profiles, are programmers specializing in solidity language for building smart contracts within the blockchain, and have a university BSC or MSC degree.

The role of blockchain consultants further expands to the following: –

  • Give in-depth research and experience-based recommendations about implementing, using, and making strategic decisions about blockchain.
  • Collaborate with team members to plan the new solution regarding the problems faced when implementing blockchain.
  • Deliver new insights when any new techs or innovation occurs in the blockchain.


Scope for Blockchain Consultant Field

Although it is a very demanding job in the market, is it suitable for you? This is a question you must ask yourself.

What you expect from the career path is another important question for yourself.

Foremost, you need to analyze how flexible you can be with this job. Consultants need to be available most of the time during the project to provide consultancy whenever needed.

What industry do you want to work on? Your interest in your specific industry shows your enthusiasm for the job.

Will the blockchain apply to the sector that you are interested in? A third question you need to ask yourself.

If in your field of interest, most businesses apply blockchain in their systems, it will be feasible for you to get the job. You won’t fear about not getting the job or losing the job.

Most industries where blockchain expands are retail, law, agriculture, healthcare, and finance.

If your interest field is finance, for example, the options are more than you expected, as most of the actions are transaction-based.

The next concern for your blockchain consulting job is the salary estimation. You can find that the estimates of $110,000/year of salary are given in the market.

Also, note that salary can be vary due to specific factors such as job location, company size, education level, and experience


Skills Needed for Blockchain Consultants


Blockchain Consultants need to master a few important skills. As they deal with big role in managing the blockchain implementation project, relevant skills ensure a project’s validity and safety.

Let’s discuss the main skills required to be a talented blockchain consultant.


Blockchain Expertise

Being aware of blockchain terminology, how it works, and what part of business operation will most likely be most feasible to implement blockchain is a core skill of blockchain expertise. Staying updated with upcoming blockchain trends is also a mandatory skill that every blockchain consultant must have. He/she must be familiar with changing trends to identify patterns in an organization’s blockchain development project.


Analytical Skills


Another important skill is analytical skills. They need to evaluate the blockchain project and need to assess the existing opportunities as well as the market trends. The more powerfully a blockchain consultant analyzes the current market trends regarding the project they are working on, the better a blockchain consultant can detect opportunities.


Software Development and Programming Skills

Programming language is also a mandatory skill to learn blockchain mechanisms. When a consultant is well aware of the blockchain mechanism, the consultant can help build and deploy the blockchain-based software of apps.


Legal/Financial Knowledge

A blockchain consultant must also be aware of what legal and financial consequences can occur when implementing blockchain in the organization system via an app or software. They should be able to guide businesses or clients with the financial and legal penalties that can occur after and during the blockchain project.


Adaptive and Innovative Mindset

Above all, a blockchain consultant must love new tech, the current stats of the blockchain tech, and all the information attached to blockchain, like IoT, AI, ML, etc. Businesses love flexible and open-minded consultants the most.


Best Career Route for Blockchain Consultants

Getting a BSC, MSC, or master’s in IT degree, taking blockchain-based courses, and reading books and articles about blockchain is a way to a successful career path for familiarizing yourself with the most up-to-date blockchain knowledge.


How to get the best learning about Enterprise Blockchain?


The first and most vital thing you can do is learn the basics of blockchain to get a well-deserved career in the upcoming days. Although you may feel puzzled, learning about them is normal as blockchain is a bit complex to grasp during the initial time, so keep trying will get you to where you want to be.

Here is some advice to help you in enhancing your learning about blockchain.

First, learn about the types of blockchains, as there are three main types here, such as Consortium, private, and public.

Understand them with examples. Learn who and how to apply these blockchains in business operations. Then, read and understand the terminologies associated with blockchain.

When you read about the basics of blockchain, you go through many complex new terminologies, understanding each in detail. This way, you can understand the basics.

Remember, this is just the initial phase of your learning. As you move on, the complexities increase, so be prepared for it.

Then, you can move on to some learning digital platforms, like blockchain courses. Some of them are: –

  • Professional Certificate in Blockchain Fundamentals from the University of California at Berkeley via edX
  • Getting Started in Blockchain from LinkedIn Learning
  • Certified Blockchain Expert from Blockchain Council
  • Blockchain: Foundations and Use Cases from ConsenSys Academy, via Coursera
  • Blockchain Specialization from the University at Buffalo via Coursera
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert from 101 Blockchains
  • Learn the Blockchain Basics with Python from Codecademy
  • Professional Certificate in Blockchain for Business from The Linux FoundationX, via edX
  • Professional Certificate in Blockchain Essentials from IBM via edX
  • Become a Blockchain Developer from Educative

Coursera is a good platform for learning blockchain as it provides bundles of blockchain courses.

On the other hand, taking mentorship from experienced and trained blockchain consultants via the following: –

Networking is like seminars or workshops where you can meet professionals in the field. Engage in conversations, ask questions, and express your interest in learning more.

Online communities like you can join forums and social media communities for help and guidance. Reddit and LinkedIn are good platforms to get help.



Well, this blog is a helpful guide for those who wish to enhance their learning in blockchain.

There are many platforms where you can learn about your blockchain skills and become a skilled blockchain consultant.

But remember, this field is evolving. With New Year, new tools and trends emerge, making the old tools or actions obsolete. Besides getting knowledge via degrees and certifications, being aware of new developments must also be a part of your learning.

So, start your journey with this guide’s help and make a fruitful career for yourself.

We hope this information can help you in making the right decision.

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