Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

The revolution of technologies in the 21st century has led to significant changes in business operations. The process that used to take months and years can now be completed in a few weeks. Smart product services combine complex systems, including hardware, software, data storage, processors, etc., providing unlimited connectivity. The wireless era of intelligent connected products is what users and businesses seek. Not only are they expanding opportunities, but they have increased reliability, transparency, functionalities, and other capabilities, encouraging companies to rethink the traditional technological implementation methods.

Intelligent products or services are being implemented in every industry to gain the maximum benefits from automating critical business processes. From personalized health care to smart homes, organizations are working in the best interest of firms and individuals to provide quality products that decrease work. Above that, the innovative connected products act as the pillars of next-generation solutions, reducing the emerging problems that might create hurdles in its success. Further, these products are reshaping the industry dynamics by setting advanced strategic choices to increase business value and boost growth.

What are Smart Product Services?

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

Smart product services are also known as connected products or services that link to the internet smoothly, making it easier to share information about the product, services, environment, and users. These products include healthcare devices, logistic automation, smart packaging, transportation, etc. These products use artificial intelligence technologies to provide next-level services to organizations and individuals. Moreover, they enable location and weather services, giving the user the power to control everything remotely. The most prominent example includes smart homes that have changed how homes look and function.

Smart products or services increase work efficiency making user’s life easier and safer improving the business functions. Further, it enhances monitoring while optimizing its usage. Take the example of intelligent business processes that implement AI to predict risks and failures associated with the new technological solutions. Such intelligent, product-centric ecosystems leverage companies with the creation of new business models that help developers design and develop smart products and services streamlined with the user’s needs. They have become the core of business applications in the industry or IoT environment bringing digitalization and automation to the top.

The whole process in the intelligent product or service life cycle revolves around collecting and delivering data to communicate with the users smoothly. This starts with the manufacturing or production process and ends with the customers, helping them perform standard tasks.

Know more about Smart Products or Services

The transformative effect of smart products helps use various elements like clouds, platforms, ecosystems, and cyber-physical networks integrated with sensors, computing, and robust connectivity devices. Even the networks used by organizations comprise intelligent products, increasing learning. It starts by collecting data from users, machines, processes, environment, etc., configuring offers by effectively using targeted predictions. Furthermore, it facilitates organizations or users with repair and remote maintenance, turning complex networks into easy and unique structures that automate the processes. Such products or services like personalized health care provide sustainability and decrease the environmental impacts on it.

Smart homes are another product or service that guarantees users reliability and durability. Even an intelligent workplace is doing wonders allowing owners to control the office environment from anywhere and at any time. Hence, there are fewer chances of risks, threats, or malicious activities. Since these are advanced methods, they allow the integration of new structures, processes, and techniques by making efficient use of the data to analyze, forecast, and implement an advanced solution. Companies focus more on agile and swift development processes using next-age technologies, making monitoring, control, optimization, and autonomy its core features.

Examples of Smart Products or Services in the 21st Century

  1. August Doorbell Cam

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

The August Doorbell Cam is an IoT product that answers the door from any remote location. Unlike others, the advanced product monitors the doors from anywhere while capturing motion on the doorstep. It has a floodlight that provides clear, full-color HD video. Furthermore, it constantly checks the door and sends messages whenever a movement is recorded. Besides this, it facilitates houses with a 24-hour video recording service, helping owners detect any suspicious activity. Lastly, it has an easy installation process that doesn’t need individuals to be an expert.

  1. Google Home Voice Controller

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

The smart IoT device enables users to utilize the latest features like alarms, lights, media, volume, thermostat, and other functions controlled by user voices. Smart product services let individuals or businesses plan the day accordingly and automate tasks. Furthermore, the incredible device manages timers and alarms while allowing users to control the volume from anywhere. Since smart homes have become increasingly popular, managing them has become a little easier, where the Google Home Voice Controller lets owners control the house lights remotely. Besides this, they provide the same services for workplaces making the working environment friendlier.

  1. Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

Companies or users searching for a strong IoT smart device always end up with the Universal remote that controls the lighting, media, and other intelligent devices from any place. This can also be used in personalized health care sectors. It leverages companies with eight remotes helping them simplify the complexities and waste in the house or at the office. Moreover, it supports nearly five thousand old and new brands. The innovative product is a one-stop solution for the online setup by using computers, leveraging users to start the activity or perform a task with one click.

  1. Bitdefender Box

Tap into the Age of Automation with IoT-Enabled Smart Product Services

The Bitdefender Box is an IoT security solution in a smart device that provides for smart homes. Further, it prevents internet-connected devices from malware, data theft, hacking, and other malicious activities that might prove to be a threat to houses or offices. It enables Double-clad home network security to businesses and individuals while facilitating them with a feature-rich parental control function. Unlike other security devices or platforms, this one comes with a high-performing ratio that even achieved an award for its usage.

Smart product services have indeed changed how businesses work by reducing time and money and optimizing performance to gain economies of scale. These products or services are usually IoT-enabled, changing how a company automates its critical functions and yields maximum benefits. Since the world is rapidly advancing with a next-generation mindset, it is not far when intelligent machines will control everything, directing all the core business activities.

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