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Bracket Excellence

Bracket Excellence

Project Overview

Bracket Excellence is the top-notch digital gaming solution made in the best interest of its users with captivating game layouts, scores, and images. Our client wanted an advanced event management tool that would act as a marketplace for e-gamers to host or participate in multiple tournaments. Hence, we developed and designed Bracket Excellence for our client as an all-in-one gaming solution catering to their user’s gaming needs. Its extensive features allow participants to register seamlessly to organize or play tournaments. We helped them establish their own brand with our futuristic idea of marketing their business through the customized gaming platforms and scoring boards to validate the game, increasing user engagement drastically. The robust and feature-rich platform implements a diverse approach bringing the client and their users on a single platform.

The Host

Bracket Excellence allows its users to host tournaments, and events to increase their user-engagement and help penetrate the market. We built an immersive e-gaming solution for our client via bracket management software to manage their game participants efficiently. The platform lets our client use the information to filter and sort participants, validate the scores, track participants for offline events, host challenging tournaments, create events, and access opponent information to schedule games.

We enabled an end-to-end management system for them to increase user turnaround by integrating gaming and social platforms into their business operations. Our clients website or platform game organizers leverage advanced features, custom participation methods, direct registration options for single or multiplayers, advanced check-in to ensure the number of participants waiting before the tournaments starts, scoreboard, and attractive game display. The platform lets the organizer set own terms and conditions. We gave life to their project with an interactive API to build the brand from the scheduled tournaments.

Bracket Excellence

The Participants

Brackets Excellence, our clients e-sports platform, facilitates participants to choose a game type, see live cricket scores, register for online and offline games, find events, show upcoming events, or recently finished contests. The onboarding process for participants is a simple procedure featuring a single dashboard and match lobby, allowing external communication with the opponents, an automated API, and strict privacy rules to play various tournaments. We introduced our clients’ participants to a dedicated user interface to streamline the registration to the communication process. Above all, in times of mistakes or fraud, their participants can file a report for a prompt admin action with scores to validate the accusation. The cutting-edge participant tools let them choose the best game from a long list of online and offline games, upcoming tournaments, or events name lists.

Bracket Excellence

Additional Features

  • Enhanced clients online visibility
  • Builds a smart UI website
  • Provides technical support and tournament configurations
  • Develops and interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Create tournaments and events
  • Best bracketing software to organize and manage tournaments
  • Provides demos, tailored training, live support and report
  • Free to use software
  • We connect sponsors and game developers
  • Robust bracket and registration functionality for online, live and offline events
Bracket Excellence