Project Overview | Kipword | Case Study



Project Overview

Playing games is pure entertainment, but it is a bonus point for the end-users with a learning edge and that is the core of KipWords idea. KipWords was envisioned for mind-oriented people who cherish challenges yet maintaining the fun and engagement part expected from good gamings concepts which was a real challenge to accomplish and that was achieved with great success by the Team of Sky Potential.

Our client requested a highly appealing and mind-focused gaming app that targets users who enjoy word games, puzzles and intellectual challenges. The primary goal is to interest users and stimulate them by spending their time on a mind-challenging gaming app. Our client strategy is not game addiction for its end users but presents an enjoyable time for users while playing the KIP words game. Sky Potential team transformed the idea into highly innovative solutions with engaging UI and UX powered up by cross-platform frameworks and tools powered up by cross-platform frameworks and tools.

We used the gamification technique to produce an attention-grabbing and mind-challenging game for the end-users.

KIP Words – Vision

Playing games is not always pure entertainment, in the modern age everyone loves to play games on mobile apps. And our vision is that people play the game and have fun but at the same time it is beneficial for their brain as well, as playing a the puzzle game sharpens their mind too.

KIP Words – The Solution

KIP Words is a mind oriented game which helps people to utilize their time in a better way. KipWords is an idea that envisions building a mobile app solution intended to target people who enjoy word games, puzzles, and intellectual challenges. The project intends to use modern technology platforms & techniques of gamification into mobile apps making it an innovative idea and
creating the whole process engaging for the users. It also contains 1 million + unique puzzles to keep the user excited and can compete with other players.

KIP Words – Major Features

  1. Level 1 Puzzle (with ads)
  2. Level 2 Puzzle (with no ads)
  3. Timer
  4. 2 player tournament
  5. Hints

Captivating Game Layout & Framework

  • We added memory strengthening features in the gaming app that will keep users hooked and fresh.
  • A positive distraction and improves the mood of the user with greater satisfaction.
  • Integrated 1 million + unique puzzles to catch the user’s excitement and compete with other players.
  • We integrated hints and challenge features to play with other users for greater engagement.

Gamification Technique and Approach

  • We created an engaging learning experience for users with our creative skill set.
  • The developers promoted the idea by adding innovative principles to create a user-engaging platform. The core focus was to provide entertainment but at the same time intensify their mind.
  • A separate standard profile is united on the user panel to obtain the information such as scores, upload profile picture, support line and categories to land on pages.

Fantastic User Interface UI/UX Designs

  • We designed an attractive UI/UX design for similar user experience on iOS and Android to enjoy customer satisfaction to the fullest ensuring a faster market reach.
  • Our team philosophy focuses on high user engagement and revolves around customer centricity .